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Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

I know that we need a comprehensive marketing strategy to connect with buyers and accelerate revenue growth.

Such an important effort requires the skills of an experienced marketing professional. Why aren't you acting to satisfy that need?

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We have big marketing needs but I don't have a big marketing budget.

You are proud of your company's growth so far, but you'd like to grow faster, maybe 2x or 3x in the next five years. You have people in place on your marketing team but they don’t have the experience to take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

You’ve thought about hiring a full-time CMO but aren’t sure you have the need or the budget quite yet.

An engagement with Global Launch can have immediate impact with low-risk for you.

Our sales team lacks support. They should be spending their time selling.

Maybe your sales team is spending more time than you want creating sales collateral and presentations, than actual selling. Also, the presentations might not always show your brand and offerings in a consistent, positive light. Are Salespeople answering too many technical support questions, when they could be focused on closing the next deal? It might be time to call in the marketing cavalry. Your company needs a comprehensive strategy and targeted marketing plan that brings in leads for your sales team to close efficiently, then supports the customer after the sale.

I need to fill a leadership hole in our marketing team.

For many companies, a marketing plan just sort of evolves. They try one thing and move on to the next, without strategic direction. The President or CEO might provide occasional input, but nobody is really taking a hard look at developing a potentially transformative marketing strategy. 

Call us to discuss how a Fractional CMO can immediately up your game with proven processes for strategy development plus a toolbox of training and execution tools.

I'm pretty sure our target market doesn’t understand the full value of our offerings.

There are ideal customers that are hearing your message, but somehow don’t understand what value you offer. If negotiations always fall back to pricing, then you have a big problem. You also know that you are not reaching all of your potential customers. How do you decide when and where to add resources to expand your customer base, to grow your accessible market?

We have tools, processes and experience to help you make and execute those decisions.

I know that international markets hold great promise, but I'm not sure how to make that happen.

Maybe you've tried international markets but have had uneven success. Or you've had a couple of big wins internationally, but can't seem to keep up the momentum. 

The world outside the US is full of rewards and also complications. You're not sure whether you should have distributors, agents, rep offices, joint ventures, or full subsidiaries. 

Where do you start and how do you execute your plans? 

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I'm outside the US, and think that North American markets hold great promise, but I need a trusted partner to define and execute an entry strategy.

From our contacts, our databases, and from trade association data and other resources we can identify companies that might be optimal targets for acquisition or partnership, depending on your goals. As local “boots on the ground” we can help you contact and screen those targets for further discussions. Then, if you want local support to participate in the management of your strategy, we're here to help.

The Marketing Activities Pyramid

All of the above solutions are mapped into the activities pyramid shown here.

Development activities fill gaps within your long-term product offerings and customer segments, enhancing your value proposition with clearly defined and carefully communicated messaging for a specific target audience. These tasks consume the least resources, but require the most expertise, planning and insight.

Programs are the "Demand Creation" systems and activities needed to pull customers and push channels to specify and prefer your offering, leading to sales in future months or quarters.

Support activities ensure that the company's messaging and activities assist your Sales team's with today's immediate pre-sale and post-sale requirements. These tasks consume the majority of resources and can be performed by a less experienced team, if managed well.

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We have a proven track record and experience selling into nearly every type of industrial, commercial, governmental and medical markets. The product range has varied from low-cost disposable products to capital projects taking years to transact. If you are looking for that experience, especially internationally, give us a call. 

Our approach will not supply all the answers. We will help you find the answers yourself with logical processes and tools, in a low-risk engagement. 

Developing a marketing strategy is a lot of hard work, and we're excited to roll up sleeves and get at it, side-by-side, with you.