I founded Global Launch, LLC because I wanted to help hi-tech companies achieve accelerated sales growth. Whether that means providing your company additional marketing resources for a fresh perspective on an existing market, or helping you take your company a different direction for new opportunities, I'm here to help.


In essence, I’ve become a CMO-for-hire, helping technology companies succeed in an increasingly complicated B2B marketing arena. That success requires a love of technology, as well as structured empathic listening skills to develop customer understanding and trust, to build effective marketing programs.


Call me, if you’d like to discuss your marketing challenges, so we can explore how to help enable your sustainable growth. 


Ken Acer - President, Global Launch LLC 

Case Studies

A manufacturer of medical diagnostics hardware needed an organized way to track and follow-up on sales prospects and to predict cash flow. We created an opportunity tracking pipeline, tripling the value of all opportunities, and doubling the weighted probability of future orders in less than one year. This pipeline eventually transformed into a company-wide customer relationship management system.  


A nanotechnology company making quantum dots needed to evaluate three market segments for their product. Following in-depth customer interviews, we selected a target application and used low cost guerrilla marketing tactics to attract global customers and investors, especially in Asia and Silicon Valley. 

Marketing Management

I developed structured Product Marketing processes for a $265 million business, including: market size, share and attractiveness assessments, long-range product planning, new product specifications, product launch timeliness, pricing, margin, and revenue plans. 

I’ve managed marketing budgets as small as $25K and as large as $12 million.

I’ve managed sales teams with no marketing support, and have grown a team from zero to 55 marketers, transforming them into high performance professionals across 16 countries and six continents.


 Ken managed a team of 51 marketers on five continents with a total budget of $12 million.


 Ken managed a team of 51 marketers on five continents with a total budget of $12 million.

Commercial Accountability

Educated as a chemical engineer and experienced as a sales manager, an international marketing manager, and P&L manager, I love the challenge of differentiating technical solutions and motivating customers whether that means making board room presentations or wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots to understand on-site customer applications. 

New Product Development

I drove the creation and usage of global new product launch processes that more than doubled new product sales in only four years. 


Today, 42% of this global manufacturer's sales come from new products.

Pricing Management 

Taught and implemented consistent pricing metrics through a new application of SAP’s Business Warehouse, enabling timely analysis of auditable pricing metrics across multiple currencies. Doing so maximized opportunities for improvements in pricing consistency and discounting discipline. Managed several rapid and challenging price increases in Latin America, Africa and Australia, maintaining profitability.

Incentive System Design

Created an automated incentive system rewarding value-selling of core products to improve margins and focus. African margins increased from 28% to 48% in four years. 


Installed the same program in five Latin American countries.


Global Launch is proud to be a member of the Business Growth Alliance, an International Affiliate Network of seasoned professional services firms dedicated to providing Corporate Development and Generational Transition Solutions and Family Office Direct Investment Services, to assist the owners of private companies to grow larger and more valuable businesses.


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