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We help high-tech industrial B2B companies tackle strategic marketing problems and achieve sustainable accelerated growth.

So exactly what is a Fractional CMO?

A yorCMO Chief Marketing Officer is a fractional marketing professional who can instantly step into the position of Chief Marketing Officer at your company on a limited, part-time basis. We come with a lifetime of international marketing experiences, trained in empathic listening skills, and with a toolkit of world-class proven processes, and marketing expertise.

A Fractional CMO can hit the ground running

And that means on Day One! In addition to real-world experience, you get immediate access to the yorCMO structured yet flexible format for an integrated set of processes, adaptable to any industrial sales & marketing challenge. 

And if your growth plans require additional funding or recapitalization, then help is available through our affiliation with FODIS (Family Office Direct Investment Services). 

Whether you need additional marketing resources for a fresh perspective on an existing market or a new initiative, or for help recruiting and coaching an inexperienced marketing team in their new roles, we're here to help.

Typical Engagements

In the Safety/PPE industry, we developed structured Product Marketing processes for a $265 million business, including: market size, share and attractiveness assessments, long-range product planning, new product specifications, product launch timeliness, demand creation, pricing, margin, and revenue plans.

In the FDA-regulated medical diagnostics hardware industry, a manufacturer needed an organized way to track and follow-up on sales prospects and to predict cash flow. We created an opportunity tracking pipeline, tripling the value of all opportunities, and doubling the weighted probability of future orders in less than one year. This pipeline eventually transformed into a company-wide customer relationship management (CRM) system.

In the advanced materials world of nanotechnology, an R&D company needed to evaluate three market segments for their product. Following in-depth customer interviews, we selected a target application and used low-cost guerrilla marketing tactics to attract global customers and investors, especially in Asia and Silicon Valley.

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