Welcome to Global Launch!

Hello, I’m Ken Acer, President.

I founded Global Launch to help industrial and technology-based B2B companies tackle marketing problems and achieve sustainable, accelerated growth. I've managed companies with no existing marketing. I've hired, managed and coached marketing teams internationally from zero to over 50 professionals spanning every continent on the globe, except Antarctica, brrrrr! 

 Have you encountered these challenges?

  • Maybe your sales team lacks support.
  • Or, your target customers don’t recognize the value in your wonderful products and services.
  • Maybe you need to fill a leadership role in your marketing team.
  • Or, you have big marketing needs without a big marketing budget.
  • You think that international markets hold great promise, but you're not sure where to start.

Well, we'd love to hear your challenges and we'll have some questions for you to think about. If you need help answering them, then we have the experience, processes and tools to help you do so.

It will be comforting when you can answer all of those questions. Paraphrasing Sun Tsu in the Art of War, "When you know yourself, and know your enemies, in 100 Battles, you'll have 100 Victories."

When done correctly your transformation will change your customers' view of you as well. You'll gain a deep understanding of their business processes, and how they "win", without trying to sell them anything during this discovery process. Doing so will grow and build your relationships.

I arrive at all these challenges with a chemical engineer's "process mindset" and a toolbox of structured workshops and tools for strategic planning, training, and execution.

When you contact Global Launch, you are also tapping into a network of professionals who can give advice in many fields: from R&D acceleration to sales training; from logistics to IT and supply chain; from accounting to finance and private equity.

There is so much more to talk about. We look forward to hearing your dreams and helping you turn them into reality.

Sincerely, Ken.

In the past 35 years, I have…

Managed budgets large and small

I’ve managed marketing budgets as small as $25K and as large as $12 million.

I’ve managed sales teams and distributors with no marketing support, so I know how stressful and inefficient that process can be.

I grew a team from zero to 55 marketers supporting over 600 salespeople, transforming the marketers and product managers into high performance professionals across 16 countries and six continents with a marketing budget of $12 million.

Had commercial P&L accountability

Educated as a chemical engineer and experienced as a sales manager, an international marketing manager, and P&L manager, I love the challenge of differentiating technical solutions and motivating customers, whether that means making board room presentations or wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots to listen with empathy to gain understanding of on-site customer applications.

Improved NPD (New Product Development) speed and effectiveness

I drove the creation and usage of global new product launch processes that more than doubled new product sales (aka Product Vitality), increasing from 19% to 42% in only four years.