Training needs to be impactful... order to meet your needs today and tomorrow

What’s the big IDEA?

Everyone needs to improve continuously, whether that means sharpening an existing skill or learning a new one. But what training does your team need right now? And how do you decide?

Our training partner, VelocityHUB™, has a unique and proven methodology and toolbox to make training impactful for today’s and tomorrow’s business.

IDEA = Identify, Determine, Establish, Align

Identify Business Challenge

Identifying the Business Challenge is the first and most crucial step in the IDEA process. We work collaboratively with your team to ensure the training is focused on the core issue behind the business challenge. In our experience working with companies large and small, we find that the challenge being addressed is often not the root cause. We work hard to ensure your training is going to achieve your desired result.

Determine Skill Gaps

Determining your team’s Skill Gaps, is crucial to driving your desired result. We continue to work with you to determine what critical skills are required to solve your business challenges and build your skill map. Through working with thousands of people across 10 vertical industries, VelocityHUB has become experts at identifying the gaps you need to fill to drive your intended result.

Establish Training Programs

Establishing Training Programs is where it becomes tangible. Once we identify your core business challenge, develop your skill map and assess your employees' skill gaps, we can bridge that gap with our comprehensive training programs. VelocityHUB has over 50 training programs that target groups ranging from first-line leaders to CEOs.

Align Training Experience

Aligning the Training Experience is where it all comes to life. When we have determined the results-driven training, the next step is to determine the optimal development experience. Our experience shows that there is not one right delivery method. VelocityHUB offers four delivery methods to align with your company, your culture and your needs—Events, Bootcamps, Academies & Coaching.